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Bordered by mountains and seas, this area with its relatively isolated geographical position, is a natural almost intact. Also known as the northern portion of its location on the northwest corner of Mexico.


"We thank each of the people of the State of Baja California, that made possible the recording of the first chapter, Together with your support we will announce the greatness of their status. "


Route 1

DAY 16

28 January, 2012

We arrived in Mazatlan, immediately disembark and head southbound, 700 Km we were down to Morelia. Our first adventure was completed without a hitch, can be tested… Continue Reading

Route 1

DAY 15

27 January, 2012

The next morning, full of energy and good attitude, went to the dock to try to figure out how to make the journey from La Paz to Mazatlan, in the company of ferries… Continue Reading

Route 1

DAY 14

26 January, 2012

We had a reservation, email confirmation and that ensured that the ferry would leave at 11 at night. There had been a change in schedule, but… Continue Reading

Route 1

DAY 12 and 13

24 January, 2012

They were two days in which we decided it was very important to make the thousands of activities, that may develop in Baja California, is very different than living with… Continue Reading

Route 1

DAY 11

23 January, 2012

We left San Jose del Cabo to Cabo Pulmo, the Riviera, is full of magnificent coastal tourism proposal, They have everything from diving fishing, the ability to make life… Continue Reading

Route 1

DAY 10

22 January, 2012

We left early for Peace, All Saints headed to a nice road with a wonderful view, this place is an oasis that is half of Baja California, a… Continue Reading

Route 1


21 January, 2012

The next morning we split into two groups: in a, were the three riders in the other, members of the production, well in two boats would accomplish more and better… Continue Reading

Route 1


20 January, 2012

To reach the borders Kuyima a while the sea, the terrain is flat and distant vision is very, calm sea, a deep bay, heals on the peninsula. The… Continue Reading

Route 1


19 January, 2012

On the morning, After a quick breakfast, broke camp and returned to the mules for hours, now up, looking at the sky; it runs off the risk is the same, but not… Continue Reading

Route 1


18 January, 2012

After a very cold night, inside the cabins, a very thick and heavy blankets of wool allowed us to rest and sleep at home. How different was it out nose… Continue Reading

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17 January, 2012

After some calls, we define what the paintings that we could visit: Thanks to our own budget and intend to spend in documenting the cultural value of Mexico,… Continue Reading

Route 1


16 January, 2012

Black Warrior is the salt or salt-producing world's largest, a company created by the Mexican Government Association 51 percent and the Japanese company Mitsubishi… Continue Reading

Route 1


15 January, 2012

In Cataviña, the hotel were so impressed by the unexpected, we decided to do some interviews about the feelings and mind after a day of great intensity. We slept, an… Continue Reading

Route 1


14 January, 2012

We reviewed, Once again we count our assets and we went for the first time as running a caravan, in which the production team, previously adapted from the truck… Continue Reading

Route 1


13 January, 2012

We got up at dawn, The plane left early and we should arrive in time to document everything, would be especially difficult to record the film crew and recording, because we would be in the range… Continue Reading